Friday, September 19, 2008

Miss Cyberpink - Pjanoo Music

Yup, it’s another mashup straight out of the studio. This one is a relatively straightforward blend of the modern classic ‘Music’ by Madonna and the 2008 summer smash ‘Pjanoo’ by Eric Prydz.

There were no complicated processes making this one, I simply did it in realtime, using Traktor 3. So, it took as long to make as it does to listen to it :D

You can download it here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stuff etc.

Woohoo, I'm not dead!!! I haven't heard any rumours to say that I was, but just wanted to say that I'm definitely not dead. I'm dropping crumbs from my lunch all over my desk, but thats nothing compared to how bad things are if I was dead. But I'm not, so it's cool!!!

Okies, if you've not backed away from the monitor muttering that I'm clearly madbonkers, here's whats been going on and what will be happening soon :D

It's been go go go in SL recently, what with sorting bits out for Teller and painting my ever growing fleet of racing cars (pics coming soon), DJing around the place including a kick ass Candy Girls party at Rouge (thanks Codie, mwah!!) and me running around the place buying new hair, new skins and new clothes. Nothing new there then ;) BTW, I will post pice of the 'new' me fairly soon, just need to get around to taking them.

I've got a couple of special DJ gigs and parties coming up soon and whilst they're mentioned on my pure music blog, I thought I'd replicate the aforementioned stuff here too...

So, whats coming up gig wise in the next week or so?

Firstly on Saturday 6th September, I'm spinning at the Global Music Festival, organised by Rezzable and sponsored by Language Lab. It'll be an electro set starting at 2pm until 4pm PDT on the Greenies sim. Promises to be a lot of fun, so if you're kicking your heels and wanting something to do, come along and party... Hard!

As well as the usual Thursday night sessions at Parkade, theres a special Friday night party on Friday 12th September, starting at 2pm PDT. It's an '80s party, so suitable dress attire is mandatory ;) The fun kicks off with Krystal Devonshire spinning a 2 hour MTV Pop style set from the decade, so expect to hear Tiffany, Debbie Gibson etc. in that one and then I'm taking over at 4pm PDT for a 2 hour synthpop set, which will no doubt include New Order, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys etc. It's going to be a really great evening and a lot of fun, so I'd love to see you there!!! I've been listening to a LOT of tunes for this recently, so if you don't want to spoil the surprise, don't check out my LastFM link over there on the right. No, seriously it'll spoil the surprise if you do... Gahhh, do what you want ;)

In other news, we're still putting together a fashion show for Fukmi Clothing and I'm still meaning to pull my finger out and start designing some clothes for the label too... Arrrgh, so much stuff, so little time!!!

Anyway, thats pretty much things in a nutshell (this blog contains no nuts, but is written by one).

See you all again soon!!!