Monday, March 31, 2008

The weekend...

Blimey, I'm shattered! It's almost 1am here, I'm writing this now and then going to bed!

It's been a weekend and a half. Lots of music, a sim complex launch, red lingerie and more music!

Firstly, adding it all up, I've DJed this weekend for a total of... 11 1/4 hours (approx) on Friday night, Saturday and tonight. Friday was at the sim launch party for MetaStage and then on to Republik for my usual Friday night slot there... Saturday saw me spinning at Parkade as part of the very successful Motorability Island opening celebrations. Callie Cline and Kiana Dulce (plus supporting cast) put on a cool fashion show, then it was over to Fairgrounds Speedway and Dirtfield Raceway for some fun races, then we all headed over to Parkade for some dancing etc. There was a short break and then Bannock Ogg took over the musical baton and played for at least a couple of hours, but at 4am local time, I had to call it a night and sleep ;)

Today saw the rather excellent, hugely popular and sim filling Boudoir Rouge launch party at Codie's 'Code Red Lounge'. I managed to keep going there for about 3 3/4 hours before having to end and then snapping a few piccies of Codie for her compy, just as a giggle... I've just left there and now I really need sleep!!!

It's been a mental weekend, one that has been fun from start to finish and I'd just like to thank the Motorability Crew, Nadine Wilder, Mist, Kitty and of course Codie and the rest of the party animals for a fantastic time...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fashion, Cars n' Avatars

Today is the official 'Grand Opening' of United Spinal Asociation's 'Motorability Island', the vast 7 sim complex that used to belong to Pontiac.

It's been a mammoth task sorting out everything since the handover and we've not finished yet, but we're at the stage where we can step back for a day, open the place officially and then finish off later.

We've got a pretty good day lined up, here's a sort of schedule of events:

9am-10am : Callie Cline & Kiana Dulce Fashion Show
10am-12pm : Demonstration racing at Fairgrounds Speedway
12pm - 2pm : Miss Cyberpink DJing @ Parkade
2pm-6pm : General dancing at the Welcome Centre
6pm-8pm : Bannock Ogg DJing @ Welcome Centre

There will be plenty of places to donate L$, all going to United Spinal and there are freebies dotted around the Island on various builds...

Hope to see you there!

Monday, March 24, 2008

We've got a Code Red!

Yup, Codie is getting ready to launch her Boudoir Rouge series onto the grid and the party is on Sunday 30th March at 11am PDT, with me spinning the tunes for at least 3 hours.

It's a themed party, natch, with the theme of red undies, so grab those red silk boxers, the red satin thongs, the red lade G strings and join us for one of the parties of the year!!! I WILL be DJing in red lingerie, that is a guarantee :D The music will be on the trancey side and IF I can get it done in time, I might d├ębut an original track :D

Anyway, we'd love to see you there and seeing as Codie and I have blogged about it, you can't say you haven't been warned :D

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm still in shock...

I was bimbling around the grid on Saturday when I struck up a conversation with a very bored Codie. Now, I don't know anyone who hasn't heard of the lovely Codie, but if you don't know her, you should check out her blog to see just how brain-stampingly amazing she is. I am very honoured to be her friend and she's a truly wonderful person...

Aaaaanyway, we were chatting about this, that and some of the other when she asked me if I wanted to do a Boudoir Rouge photoshoot for her. I mean me? A Boudoir Rouge photoshoot? I had to ask her if she was serious and she was, so I spent the next couple of hours in her studio, being photographed for what has to be one of the sexiest and most sensual photosets in the history of SL. When all the photos are revealed at the launch party soon, it's just going to be stunning and I'm in one of them... I'm still stunned, shocked and amazed that Codie asked me. It's SUCH an honour to be in this series. I also posed for some nude photos, all tasteful I might add, but they're for something else, which I'm sure Codie will mention soon enough.

So yeah, I am a Boudoir Rouge Babe... Wow!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's not all about speed...

...well, actually this isn't true, it IS all about speed but now and again it's nice to trundle around in a lower gear ;)

I was ambling around Motorability Island when I spotted a cool scooter, so checked it out and it turns out it was made by a Japanese guy called Japaga Jun, over at the Medaka Seaside Club. I 'ported over there to get a better look and found that he also loves and makes replicas of the cute little Fiat 500, which she calls the 'Feet 500'. Well, I HAD to have them...

I bought the standard car, the convertible and the monster Abarth 500, which puts in times around the Fairgrounds Speedway that beat some of the race cars there. It's such a hoot!!! I've added a couple of piccies to the blog so you can see them, but if you want a serious slice of riviera retro chic, go and get one... :D

The 'Feet 500' outside Callie Cline's Beach Resort, Motorability Riviera

Me n' the 'Feet 500' take a break from cruising around Motorability Island

The mighty little 'Abarth Feet 500' grips the road as it exits the tunnel

It might look small, but it packs a mighty punch and is a blast to drive

Friday, March 14, 2008

Kitty + Amanda = Sn@tch fun!!!

Nooooo, it's not what you think!!!

Me n' the ever fabby Kitty went over to Sn@tch, so she could introduce me to their lovely clothes. I sorta splurged and bought a *few* outfits, because their stuff is oh so lovely, really well made and looks fabby :D Kitty stood there patiently whilst I ran around making "Oooh" and "Ahhhh" noises and buying lots of things. Later last night, she stopped by at Parkade and was dancing away until the wee small hours of the morning (UK time), chatting away merrily to DJNoNo Ulysses, whilst I listened in on the conversation and snuck tracks in that they were talking about... :D T'was fun! Tonight, I'll be at Republik again for another in the Bikini Beach Babes nights that we've started doing there... I say 'we' as Mist (aka Mistress Beresford) and myself have taken it upon ourselves to run my set out on the beach and to do it in skimpy beachware, hence the title. I'll be spinning, she'll be hosting. 5-7pm PST @ Republik.

I'm a bit miffed with the Cubic Effect hoodie I bought. It's fantastically made, it's really nice BUT, it doesn't fit. The clothing layer lets it down, because the hoodie layer doesn't come up my arms far enough to meet the sculptie prim sleeves, so I have bare patches, which looks unsightly. I've sent the designer an IM, but I'll probably have to drop her a notecard. It's a shame, because something so simple has let this design down, which is a pity... ***Update*** I spoke to the lovely Mirai who made the awesome clothing and she's taken my body stats and made me a custom set!! Now, that is what I call customer service. The new modified prims look amazing and I'm in love with the set. She's a seriously talented girl.

In other news, I'm off to the swanky Linden Labs party this weekend as the guest of Patty Streeter, who owns the Motorability Island sim complex... I need to sort out a posh frock to wear ;) I have something *pretty* eyecatching in mind :D

Friday, March 7, 2008

To a very sweet, dear and incredible friend...

...Get well soon ya cowbag!!! xXx

Luv n' huggles heading your way down the wires hun!

I can has a meme...

That cheeky Kitty has tagged me for the book meme, so here goes with my response... The rules of the aforementioned meme are:

1: Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages)

2: Open the book to page 123

3: Find the 5th sentence

4: Post the next 3 sentences

5: Tag 5 more people

Okies, I pick up the book, turn to page 125, read the sentences are...

"'We took in instrumentals and other people's rap records, had a well-written and rehearsed rap, and sung over the instrumentals', they remember. Debbie, 'Reme-Dee', listened to and recorded every session they did, even though she only had a 'crap cassette recorder: I will always remember John Peel saying he hoped that one day we'd be making records of our own. The Cookie Crew first recorded on the hit 'Rok the House' in 1987, and signed to London Records in 1988."

The book in question is the utterly fascinating and amazing 'The Peel Sessions' by Ken Garner. It chronicles the history of the live music sessions that made John Peel's radio shows so brilliant, plus gives a complete session by session list of all artists, times, dates etc. It's incredible!

Now, I have to nominate 5 others to take this meme, so I pick... TheDiva, Veyron, Vint, Zoe and Dandellion... :D

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I popped the question...

...and she said YES!

Leah and I are engaged!!!

Now, I know some of you will be saying "Hang on, you've only just met her" etc. Thing is, we've known each other for over a year, well over a year and in that time we've come to know each other very well and are extremely close. Nothing has happened in 'that' way between us, until now, but I feel totally comfortable, at ease and deliriously happy with Leah and so therefore I don't see any reason why I can't ask her to marry me now...

Which is what I did :D And as I said, her reply was "Yes you know I will honey", which made me the happiest girl in SL.

The wedding will be at our place, but as we don't have the land or house built yet, we're waiting until it's all sorted before we plan things, buy dresses, sort out someone to take the ceremony, guests etc. Still, can't wait!!

Dare to go bare...

I was ambling around the grid when the luvvly Kitty gave me a shout and before I knew it, I was on her photo platform, oohing and aahing over some of the hundreds of poses that she has...

Spotting a rather famous chair there, I thought it would be fun to strip off and take a few tasteful nude photos and that it would also be fun to share them with you too, so here they are...

The notorious Christine Keeler pose

Keeler again

Just me n' heels

More me...

Me again