Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's not all about speed...

...well, actually this isn't true, it IS all about speed but now and again it's nice to trundle around in a lower gear ;)

I was ambling around Motorability Island when I spotted a cool scooter, so checked it out and it turns out it was made by a Japanese guy called Japaga Jun, over at the Medaka Seaside Club. I 'ported over there to get a better look and found that he also loves and makes replicas of the cute little Fiat 500, which she calls the 'Feet 500'. Well, I HAD to have them...

I bought the standard car, the convertible and the monster Abarth 500, which puts in times around the Fairgrounds Speedway that beat some of the race cars there. It's such a hoot!!! I've added a couple of piccies to the blog so you can see them, but if you want a serious slice of riviera retro chic, go and get one... :D

The 'Feet 500' outside Callie Cline's Beach Resort, Motorability Riviera

Me n' the 'Feet 500' take a break from cruising around Motorability Island

The mighty little 'Abarth Feet 500' grips the road as it exits the tunnel

It might look small, but it packs a mighty punch and is a blast to drive

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