Thursday, August 30, 2007

They say moving... the most stressful thing you can do. As someone who has moved from parents, to flat with partner, to house with partner to her own flat, all in RL, I can say that yes, moving IS stressful. It's also stressful in SL too. Today, Sadie and I said our goodbyes to our 33,000Sq M worth of parcels on our sim and sold the lot, back to ACS for a hefty cut in price, but it's out of our hands and thats it, done. We've rented a small beach hut somewhere until Sadie orders the sim. The sim that I shall mould into paradise. We were both sad to leave Sardonyx, after all, we were married there and have had many good times there too.

However, the future looms and along with it, business plans too ;)

Also speaking of the future, I've just had a glimpse of something rather lovely. I was privileged to see something that i shouldn't have been allowed to see. I won't say what it is, but it's something that I too will be getting to work with a LOT very soon indeed. It's lovely :D

Right, I'm DJing in less than half an hour, so I 'spose I'd better get ready etc. Oh, the life of a superstar is SO hard these days ;)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Three down...

...Two to go! I can't believe I've done it again, DJing on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and still have today and tomorrow to go. Thursday was my normal stint at Parkade, Friday was the United Spinal 'Rave for a Cause', which wasn't at all successful. 3 people showed, donated a total of about L$2500, so I put in L$2500 of my own cash to bolster the funds... The access system to the parcel didn't work again and then about 90 minutes into the 3 hour set, the flagging stream servers finally turned their toes up and died on me :( Game over!

Last night (Saturday) saw the SLCC Leather & Lace party at Underwater Love on Motorati Island. Pontiac were in the top 3 locations for the Big 8 streaming sites for SLCC, so we expected the party to be massive, which it wasn't. We all had a fun time, but I had to bail at just gone 11pm, an hour before it finished as that translated to 7am UK time and with me only getting 4 hours sleep the night before, I needed to recharge. I did however draw in the first competition and win the second outright for the best lace outfit, which was nice. Thats L$970 heading to United Spinal, so I'll round it up to a grand and pop that in the collection point outside Parkade later.

Today sees me taking it easy with the ambient slot at Parkade and tomorrow I'll kick out some trance over at Suffugium.

Friday, August 24, 2007

No Skirt Required...

Hehe, remember the Maxim party? Well, SL was playing up that night (yeah, I know that narrows it down a LOT) and I wore a lovely prim skirt, black with pink flames on. Very short, very sexy, very me (pink/black/white are my signature colours).

Anyway, it seems that I was the only person at the party who could see the damn thing. Luckily I was wearing a G string, so not everything was on show and it made for a great cover photo on issue 35 of The AvaStar plus an even better picture on page 14. Hehe, as Oscar Wilde said "There is no bad publicity", which is true.

The AvaStar also interviewed me today, partly as a promo piece for the United Spinal Association fundraiser rave at Parkade on Friday and partly about my take on the state of the live music/club scene in SL... I hope they publish all of the interview, it'll be an interesting piece.

Saturday also sees the SLCC parties kicking off around the grid and the place to be will seen is Underwater Love on the Motorati sim, part of Motorati Island. A few of us 'Islanders' are getting together to host one of the 8 main SLCC parties on the grid, so it should be a BIG bash and one to look forward to. Both Sadie and I have been snapping up some gorgeous lace outfits for the night, so we should both turn a few heads. I've also designed the official SLCC Pontiac Solstice GXP and made some little RC models and a tshirt for the night too...

I'm also DJing at Parkade on Sunday, but thats going to be a chilled out set. I'll need it to be after Saturday :D

Monday, August 13, 2007

Raves, Parties, Gigs, Stuff...

Well, weeks of planning crashed spectacularly on Friday night when the 'Rave for a Cause' totally failed. I don't know if it was SL killing the access to Parkade, the L$300 entry (all money going to charity) or general lack of interest, but no one came, so I pulled the plug and am going to try again on the 24th August. Wish me luck!

I also DJed at the Pontiac/Maxim party which was OK. Unfortunately, I had sound issues and the sim crashed at the end of my set, so I wasn't entirely happy with my performance. I feel like I let a lot of people down :(

Having said that, I've got a new DJ residency at Suffugium on Mondays, 6-8pm PDT although that *might* change soon, depending on how much it wipes me out time-wise. Suffugium is a gorgeously detailed and well built sim. You should check it out... I'll be DJing in the old basketball court, down in the underworld slums.

As for the 'Stuff' as mentioned in the title of this episode, I'm still banging my head against a virtual brick wall getting a working elevator for the Autopia project, but I got another commission from Pontiac and designed the Maxim Edition of the Pontiac Solstice GXP, which is currently parked outside Callie Cline's Beach Resort and will probably find it's way into the Design Park outside the Pontiac Dealership too. That'll take the number of cars I've got on display there into double figures...

I'm still waiting for the G6 to be finished, firstly so we can do the 2 week publicity campaign for it and secondly so I can pull it apart and do things with it. Hopefully it shouldn't be too long now.

SL has recently been really screwey, causing no end of problems. Sims that appear to be online but aren't there when you reach the border (strange, I can TP into them!), people not showing as online until they IM you, wondering why you've not IMmed them etc. I've also sent an IM to the head man, Philip Linden (for all the good it'll do) asking for us to be able to have more groups... 25 just isn't enough and I'm forever having to drop some to be added to more, which are necessities. Trouble is, the others were sort of necessities too! It's infuriating. Anyway, we'll see if my going straight to the top will have any effect. I doubt it, but nothing ventured etc.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Still here...

Just to say that I'm not dead yet, still alive n' stuff but have been away in the Real World for a few days. Back now, crispier than I wanted to be, redder than I'd like to be and with a lot more pain than necessary.

Normal madness will resume soon. FACT!