Friday, August 24, 2007

No Skirt Required...

Hehe, remember the Maxim party? Well, SL was playing up that night (yeah, I know that narrows it down a LOT) and I wore a lovely prim skirt, black with pink flames on. Very short, very sexy, very me (pink/black/white are my signature colours).

Anyway, it seems that I was the only person at the party who could see the damn thing. Luckily I was wearing a G string, so not everything was on show and it made for a great cover photo on issue 35 of The AvaStar plus an even better picture on page 14. Hehe, as Oscar Wilde said "There is no bad publicity", which is true.

The AvaStar also interviewed me today, partly as a promo piece for the United Spinal Association fundraiser rave at Parkade on Friday and partly about my take on the state of the live music/club scene in SL... I hope they publish all of the interview, it'll be an interesting piece.

Saturday also sees the SLCC parties kicking off around the grid and the place to be will seen is Underwater Love on the Motorati sim, part of Motorati Island. A few of us 'Islanders' are getting together to host one of the 8 main SLCC parties on the grid, so it should be a BIG bash and one to look forward to. Both Sadie and I have been snapping up some gorgeous lace outfits for the night, so we should both turn a few heads. I've also designed the official SLCC Pontiac Solstice GXP and made some little RC models and a tshirt for the night too...

I'm also DJing at Parkade on Sunday, but thats going to be a chilled out set. I'll need it to be after Saturday :D

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