Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hello Mum!!!

Ooooh, I'm in print again. Hehe, I didn't know when this was going to be published, so didn't mention it, but here I am, being the AvaStar of the Week!


Other than that, which is uber-cool and trippy, I've had a mental week DJing. Last week was SecondPride, and again this weekend I've been spinning at the RFL 'Dance Into the Relay' event which raised LOTS of worthy cash for the RFL cause, something that is very dear to my heart, I also did my second set at SecondPride and unfortunately missed a set at a fashion show afterparty, for which I am truly sorry but RL got in the way. However, I did play at a pretty sexy Code Red party alongside Nexeus Fatale which was a giggle. I will be taking some snaps of me in some of the outfits I've been spinning in, so will post those soon. Trust me, they'll even compare to the photos that Veyron usually takes ;)

I'm also pleased to say that I've made my peace with someone who I'd recently parted company with on a professional level and thats nice, so I don't have to worry about that any more. Leah showed up this weekend too, but to be honest, I don't want to talk about it. Nothing, but nothing is going to change my future with Fukmi, so theres nothing to discuss about Leah.

I would like to end this update with a message to someone special. This person is like a sister to me in SL, my best friend and right now, her RL best friend is coming towards the end of her journey on earth, due to nasty and violent cancer. I just want to let her know that I'm here for her, to talk to, to give support and love and just be the best damned friend I can be. I love ya hun, I'll miss her when she's not here too, but I know you'll miss her a whole lot more and I just want to let you know that I'm thinking of both of you xXx

Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's been a mad mad mad mad mad mad mad week!

Wow, what a blast! Last weekend saw me DJing a few gigs, although I didn't do the Friday night party at Luscious Latex due to a slight breakdown in musical styles, however it all got sorted and everyone was happy (I think). The event of the weekend has to be Codie's Rouge sim launch, which was just such an amazingly fun time. I will post a little piccy that Marx Dudek took of me when I was relaxing after my 2 hour set there ;)

Yes, that IS me, poledancing topless :D Hell, I DJed in red latex and finished the set topless :D

I also stepped into the role of Owner at the Teller Motorsports Park, alongside my good friend Stacy Spiegel. Teller has more than a checkered history in the SL motorsports scene and now that it has a totally different management team, decent backing and improving staff, we're confident that we can create a truly groundbreaking and stunning motorsports facility in SL. There are a few people out there who would like us to fail totally and are actually going out of their way to try to make that happen. They won't succeed. Personal vendettas against us are pointless and to be honest, unfounded. I doubt that the person I'm referring to is reading this, but on the off chance that you're out there J, I'd back off now if I were you... Seriously.

So, onto music stuff!!!

Parkade has reopened it's doors on Kara Zor Isle and the slight redesign is still ongoing. Not much has happened image wise yet, but it will continue, so keep coming back to check. It's BootieSL tonight, so the gorgeous Diva will be taking to the decks beforehand to spin 2 hours worth of mashups before we switch over to Bootie in San Francisco for the musical mayhem :)

I'm also going to be doing the first of 2 sets this week at SecondPride, at 1-3am PDT on Sunday 13th. It's an early morning slot, so going to blow out the cobwebs with some monumentally gorgeous trance. Later on Sunday, I've also been asked to do a fashion show afterparty, from 11am-1pm PDT, but I've not had any more info on where it is etc. yet, so can't let you all know. Group notices will have to suffice ;)

Well, thats about it for the moment... Me n' Fukmi are blissfully happy, I love her to bits and am going to miss her terribly when she moves in RL, so will be probably without a connection for a bit. I'll just pounce on her when she comes back and we'll probably not be seen for a day ;)