Saturday, June 30, 2007

Red Laser Beam

Wow... I don't often talk about RL in here but Thursday night seeing Hexstatic was amazing. Loads of new material from their forthcoming album 'When Robots Go Bad'. Really cool night AND I get to see them twice in the same week as they're playing SecondFest tonight at 10pm UK time, followed straight away by Coldcut!!!

I'm currently keeping a photo log of my adventures at SecondFest, which I'll post up when it's all finished. I was there with Socks this afternoon and we were wandering around seeing what we could see... It was pretty cool. I'm hoping Sadie will be able to make a couple of sets with me tonight before I have to zoom over to Parkade for a 2 hour trance set, which also sees the start of 'Headspace week' which sees us playing host to the clubbing culture documentary 'Headspace'. It's showing whenever you want to see it, for one week only :D Be sure to catch it!

I've also just finished designing the car for the United Spinal Association charity event being run by on August 4th. It's a simple yet challenging and thought provoking design. You can get more information on things over at the Motorati website...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Does it come in any other colours?

Well, bit of an exciting week!!! Firstly, the Pontiac Solstice Baja GXP has been approved for sale, which is brilliant news. As usual, all profits will head to charity, which is a bonus!! I'm still waiting to hear about the Drift Spec car too. I just need to find some decent beach buggy sounds now :D

Work on our paradise is progressing as Sadie and I have dropped a new and lovely beach house onto the land. We're thinking of upgrading to a whole sim, not too sure at the moment, but it's a bit step, especially for a personal home :D Still, it's what we're looking at and it would be nice to have the extra security of knowing it's OUR land.

In other news, I've shifted my DJ slot at Parkade back to Saturday this week as I'm going to be ligging and blagging at an album launch party for a UK band called Hexstatic, which is going to be coolies!!! I can't wait for that! Plus, the interview about Parkade should be appearing in June's issue of OMG magazine too!!

Oh and I think I've found a scripter to work with me in the future. It's the age old story of going to vote for a friend's (winning) float in the SecondPride festivities on The L Word sims, being introduced to someone who's looking for a full time pub manageress, turning the offer down but finding out she's a scripter who wants to work with a builder. Classic!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A call to arms...

I have no idea if anyone out there is reading this, but if you are and you can script in SL, please get in touch with me... I'm looking for someone who wants to work with me, me as designer/builder, you obviously as scripter. It's mainly to work on some high prim Japanese modified import cars and also some futuristic bikes and it'll be a while before I'm ready to rock, but any help would be appreciated...

In other news, Callie has said she'll make me my own 'signature colour' Motorati Girlz top, just for me!!! I'm really excited, I've never had any exclusive clothing before... I've paid to get an exclusive outfit for Sadie, but I've never had anything like this myself :D

Friday, June 22, 2007

Look mum, I'm on the telly!!!

Yup, imagine my surprise tonight when I was walking up to the front door of Parkade when I was approached by Starr Sonic from and was told that she was filming there and when told her I owned the place, she asked me if I knew where Miss Cyberpink was... So I enlightened her...

Anyway, Parkade is on the latest episode of That S'Life and is permanently archived if you want to watch it. I'm more than a little happy with what is basically free publicity. Granted, she said I owned the sim when I don't, but hey, it's a small mistake.

Underground Resistance opens this weekend and I'm celebrating with our neighbours at Nekone D by organising a Drift-Off and Street Racing between 4 and 7pm PDT, then we're all heading over to Parkade for the afterparty until about 9pm, when I intend to fall over as it'll be about 5am here in England...

Build wise, Underground Resistance is still ongoing, but it's only textures and fittings to sort out. Vehicle build wise, the Baja GXP is now totally finished and I just need to produce a few more colours. I'm hoping Motorati and Pontiac will allow me to sell them too, which would be nice. I'm also developing a Drift Spec Solstice GXP and my own pink Solstice is still evolving. I am going to make it the hottest Solstice in SL. It should look pretty special by the time I've finished it... I'll post pics of lots of things after the weekend!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Designing, Modelling, DJing...

Oh it's such a glamourous world... If it's not designing stuff in Photoshop for Callie and Pontiac then it's splaying myself across the bonnet (hood to the Americans) of a Pontiac Solstice GXP for a Motorati photoshoot...

Topping off today, I'll be DJing at Parkade too!

I got the 2 Callie cars finished, submitted and approved which is nice. I'm working on an official Solstice for the 'Parkade' club and maybe for yet another Motorati Island build... It's teaching me a lot about Photoshop, which is helpful as I need as much time on that as I can... Speaking of the Solstice, I'm also working on my own showcase build using Solstice components, which should be a big hit with the powers that be. Fingers crossed :D

Photos from the shoot n' stuff to follow, when I get them :D

Sunday, June 10, 2007

That was the week that was...

Progress!!! I made progress! The Motorati Girlz Pontiac Solstice GXP has been admitted and approved, Callie's pink Solstice is close to completion and I've got one of the Solstice GXP bodykits completed and on sale, with a second close to completion... I'm hoping that the promise of real payment for the Solstice commissions will happen... I was told by Motorati agents that Pontiac would pay me so I'm waiting now :D

However, I've also started a new Solstice project, because I'm mad and also because I'm waiting for my friend Tim to texture one and also to do some internal textures for Underground Resistance too.

In other news, the BootieSL website is finally active, which is a cross promotion for Bootie itself and Parkade, where BootieSL is held every month. It's going on now and I was the support DJ for it, but it's 6.40am in the UK now and I need sleep.

Oh and I know she's probably not reading this, but I think it was unfair of Callie to mention those new boots in her blog, knowing that I'd NEED a pair :D It's a good job I'm a top flite DJ who earns some decent cash.

Speaking of which, I'm DJing at a beach party tomorrow too... It never stops :D

Oh and i nearly forgot. Apparently, Motorati want me to do a photoshoot for them, plus I'm doing an interview with AvaStar magazine on Monday. Also trying to chase Korbin from OMG Magazine down too about a piece.

Friday, June 1, 2007

No rest for the wicked...

Wow, this has been a busy week but the weekend is looking monumentally mad. My 'Underground Resistance' build has been approved by Pontiac, so I'm now up to my neck in prims over on the site and work is progressing nicely. I've only been on it for a few hours and already theres a solid, good looking structure there. Pics will be posted :D

Friday has me involved with some very competitive events, as does Saturday, plus on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning), I'll be DJing at the Eden Revue Fetish Club, probably for about 3 hours, from 5pm. I DJed at Parkade tonight (usual slot) AND I'm doing an ambient chill-out set on Sunday afternoon too...

Couple all of this to me finishing 2 Pontiac Solstice GXPs for Callie and it's been a mad one.

Oh, Sadie and I did some landscaping and building on our new Paradise project too!

I need a rest!!!