Saturday, June 30, 2007

Red Laser Beam

Wow... I don't often talk about RL in here but Thursday night seeing Hexstatic was amazing. Loads of new material from their forthcoming album 'When Robots Go Bad'. Really cool night AND I get to see them twice in the same week as they're playing SecondFest tonight at 10pm UK time, followed straight away by Coldcut!!!

I'm currently keeping a photo log of my adventures at SecondFest, which I'll post up when it's all finished. I was there with Socks this afternoon and we were wandering around seeing what we could see... It was pretty cool. I'm hoping Sadie will be able to make a couple of sets with me tonight before I have to zoom over to Parkade for a 2 hour trance set, which also sees the start of 'Headspace week' which sees us playing host to the clubbing culture documentary 'Headspace'. It's showing whenever you want to see it, for one week only :D Be sure to catch it!

I've also just finished designing the car for the United Spinal Association charity event being run by on August 4th. It's a simple yet challenging and thought provoking design. You can get more information on things over at the Motorati website...

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