Sunday, June 10, 2007

That was the week that was...

Progress!!! I made progress! The Motorati Girlz Pontiac Solstice GXP has been admitted and approved, Callie's pink Solstice is close to completion and I've got one of the Solstice GXP bodykits completed and on sale, with a second close to completion... I'm hoping that the promise of real payment for the Solstice commissions will happen... I was told by Motorati agents that Pontiac would pay me so I'm waiting now :D

However, I've also started a new Solstice project, because I'm mad and also because I'm waiting for my friend Tim to texture one and also to do some internal textures for Underground Resistance too.

In other news, the BootieSL website is finally active, which is a cross promotion for Bootie itself and Parkade, where BootieSL is held every month. It's going on now and I was the support DJ for it, but it's 6.40am in the UK now and I need sleep.

Oh and I know she's probably not reading this, but I think it was unfair of Callie to mention those new boots in her blog, knowing that I'd NEED a pair :D It's a good job I'm a top flite DJ who earns some decent cash.

Speaking of which, I'm DJing at a beach party tomorrow too... It never stops :D

Oh and i nearly forgot. Apparently, Motorati want me to do a photoshoot for them, plus I'm doing an interview with AvaStar magazine on Monday. Also trying to chase Korbin from OMG Magazine down too about a piece.

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