Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Does it come in any other colours?

Well, bit of an exciting week!!! Firstly, the Pontiac Solstice Baja GXP has been approved for sale, which is brilliant news. As usual, all profits will head to charity, which is a bonus!! I'm still waiting to hear about the Drift Spec car too. I just need to find some decent beach buggy sounds now :D

Work on our paradise is progressing as Sadie and I have dropped a new and lovely beach house onto the land. We're thinking of upgrading to a whole sim, not too sure at the moment, but it's a bit step, especially for a personal home :D Still, it's what we're looking at and it would be nice to have the extra security of knowing it's OUR land.

In other news, I've shifted my DJ slot at Parkade back to Saturday this week as I'm going to be ligging and blagging at an album launch party for a UK band called Hexstatic, which is going to be coolies!!! I can't wait for that! Plus, the interview about Parkade should be appearing in June's issue of OMG magazine too!!

Oh and I think I've found a scripter to work with me in the future. It's the age old story of going to vote for a friend's (winning) float in the SecondPride festivities on The L Word sims, being introduced to someone who's looking for a full time pub manageress, turning the offer down but finding out she's a scripter who wants to work with a builder. Classic!

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