Friday, June 22, 2007

Look mum, I'm on the telly!!!

Yup, imagine my surprise tonight when I was walking up to the front door of Parkade when I was approached by Starr Sonic from and was told that she was filming there and when told her I owned the place, she asked me if I knew where Miss Cyberpink was... So I enlightened her...

Anyway, Parkade is on the latest episode of That S'Life and is permanently archived if you want to watch it. I'm more than a little happy with what is basically free publicity. Granted, she said I owned the sim when I don't, but hey, it's a small mistake.

Underground Resistance opens this weekend and I'm celebrating with our neighbours at Nekone D by organising a Drift-Off and Street Racing between 4 and 7pm PDT, then we're all heading over to Parkade for the afterparty until about 9pm, when I intend to fall over as it'll be about 5am here in England...

Build wise, Underground Resistance is still ongoing, but it's only textures and fittings to sort out. Vehicle build wise, the Baja GXP is now totally finished and I just need to produce a few more colours. I'm hoping Motorati and Pontiac will allow me to sell them too, which would be nice. I'm also developing a Drift Spec Solstice GXP and my own pink Solstice is still evolving. I am going to make it the hottest Solstice in SL. It should look pretty special by the time I've finished it... I'll post pics of lots of things after the weekend!!!

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