Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Picture the scene...

Yaaay, managed to get the photoshoots done today as Looker had some spare time. Wow, the photos he took for the Dark Eden 'Girl of the Month' competition were stunning. I've made my choice and 'might' stick it up here, I'll definitely put some of the others up later...

I'll also post the photos I took when we were doing the OMG Calendar shoot set. I chose Eleanor again as that Mustang really IS the best looking car I've seen in SL ever. Well, until something else gets built by the same person.

I'll post 'em later when I've converted 'em and I'll bung 'em on Flickr too...

Monday, October 29, 2007

CSI: Observations

So, I managed to acquire a copy of the much hailed 'CSI:NY' episode that aired in the 'States on October 24th, co coincide with the launch of the massive CBS/Electric Sheep 'CSI:SL' project...

Firstly, being a 'CSI' fan but never having seen the Miami or New York variants, I was surprised at the layout, look and feel of the show being so different to that of the original. However, this is not important. How they portrayed SL is interesting though.

As usual for any dramatisation, PC software doesn't actually look like real stuff, probably due to copyright issues etc. So, the portrayal of SL didn't look like that of the system we know and moan about. There were some elements of the proper signup pages etc. in there, but lots of stuff missing, obviously as all the inworld sequences weren't realtime, they were machinma playback... Never having used voice, I can't say if the little green bars were accurate BUT, I am appaled at the way SL was portrayed. They never crashed once, there was NO lag, nothing failed to rez, they never lost anything from their inventory, there were no missing images, grey textures, missing prims, Ruthing or anything!!! Pfft, accurate? ;)

Mind you, nice to see that us SecondLifers came out of it with our Nerdship and Geekdom intact :D

Oh and massive respect n' stuff for the Suffugium sim for getting 4 seconds of exposure in the aired episode during the chase sequence...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gone in 60 Seconds...

Uh oh... I couldn't resist her charms. She sang to me, like the Sirens who used to lure sailors to their doom on the rocks. She waved her wand and put me under her spell... Eleanor has sucked me in!!

Whilst I love modern, sleek, stylish and hyper tuned Japanese imports etc. I have a very large soft spot for classic American muscle cars, none more so than the Mustang. I have a Dominus Shadow, plus 2 of the Midnight Drift modern 'Stangs, but this is the mother of all ponies. I know there is another modern Mustang in development, but this is the absolute pinnacle of all things big blue oval in SL... This is simply stunning!!

I really can't begin to describe how sexy this car is, so I'm just going to post a couple of pictures and let you judge for yourselves. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the 1967 Mustang GT500... Eleanor <3

Oh well...

Looks as if 2 of the items from my 'To Do' list can be rubbed off... Just had some news concerning the Pontiac G6 and it looks as if it's been scrapped for SL, so that means the Pro Stock version and the Road Rally promo work I was going to do won't be happening...

Pity really, I was looking forward to that :(

*Edit* Having just said that, I've just had an interesting conversation that may mean things don't quite die... My fingers are crossed ;)

Busy Bee...

Blimeh, I've been thinking of all the projects that I've either got on the go or coming up and I think I've just scared myself...

Ultimate Drift Spec Pontiac Solstice GXP (graphics, sounds & scripting)
Pro Stock Pontiac G6
Pontiac G8 Funny Car
Lamanda Scooter (Anims and attachments left to make)
Underground Resistance Rat Rod
AP001 CitiCar
RPM Magazine Office location/build
RPM Magazine interviews/launch
Pontiac promo work
Dark Eden photoshoot
OMG 2008 Calendar photoshoot

Couple this to the fact that I run a club, DJ at least twice a week AND I my highest priority is Sadie and this makes me a busy bee... I really need to start cracking on with some of these projects and get them out of the way. The Drift Spec Solstice doesn't need to be finished until December 15th and thats just a case of finishing the graphics, making a couple more prim bits to add on, recording the sounds from a video game and editing them to fit and then tweaking the script, finally adjusting the addons so that they sit right when I'm driving... So, not much to do then and thats just ONE project.

Some of the above list will take a lot less time than the others and some can't even be started until others have done their work, plus things like the photoshoots won't take long at all... In fact, I'm doing the photoshoots on Thursday so thats two items off the list pretty soon.

I was going to say that I needed a holiday, but thats wrong... What I actually need is to spend some quality time with Sadie, that'll make me feel SO much better!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Celebrity Lookeylikey Thing...

Okies, so Naomi Watts was ubercool as she's definitely one of my celeb crushes, but I was disappointed at no Radha Mitchell... :(

See what you think... Lucille Ball? Are they quite sure?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I hate Photoshop and it hates me. All I want to do is make a nice, shiny 3D Mac style round button like the tutorial, but will it let me? Will it f...!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

So, There I was...

I'm now going to explain how I just managed to spend L$2500 on a new bike. Trust me, it's a beauty :D

The other night, I was indulging in some retail therapy over at 'Diversity Hair/Digit Darkes' and spotted a few, shorter styles. Usually being a girl with long hair, I thought it'd be cool to have a few shorter styles, as you never know when you'll need them. I purchased a couple and went about my evening. Later that night, I tried them all and wasn't overly impressed with a couple of them, but I must've been tired or something because today when I tried one on again, all I could say was "Wow!!".

This was the "Wow!!" moment. See what I mean? ;)

Anyway, to celebrate the fact that I am a drop dead gorgeous girl who can now also pull off stunning short hair (look, if I don't say this stuff, no one else will), I decided to go for a spin around Motorati Island on my lovely Ducati 999 clone, which naturally is hot pink ;) Anyway, there I was, zooming around on this when I almost literally bumped into another biker, although his ride was a lot more in the vein of the chopper and being a fan of bike companies like West Coast Choppers, Exile Cycles and Jesse Rooke, I stopped to take a closer look.

We started talking about bikes, I openly expressed my admiration for his ride and then dug deeper into his bike to get the manufacturer and before he could even tell me that he couldn't remember where he'd bought it, I was staring at the maker's 'Picks' and had found the shop. I politely made my excuses and 'ported over to buy this baby. She didn't start off pink, but with all the customisable options, thats how she ended up. I was going to build my own custom bike in SL, but I think I'll put those plans on hold for the moment as I'm having too much run riding around on this :D

So, be aware that having short hair can cause impulse buying. Not that I need a flimsy excuse like that to impulse buy ;)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm Spinning Around....

Yup, it's Thursday, so I'm going into shameless self-promoting mode to let you all know that I'm DJing at Parkade tonight. It's the usual 4-6pm slot, probably overrun and theres no set theme tonight, so expect anything and everything as I feel like a bit of a rummage through the new stuff I've been getting and as I've been getting lots of different stuff, I thought I'd treat you all to a mixed (record) bag.

Me at the controls

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

If Music Is the Food of Love...

...Get Stuffed!!!. This is just a 'lil hour or so Trance mix that I did at the Purgatory club the other night as part of a guest mix slot for Angi Fargis. It's pretty euphoric so if you like your trance, you'll probably like this.

On the subject of mixes etc., I crashed out of the 'Battle of the DJs' competiton being held in SL on Sunday night. I made it as far as the semi finals, but I was drawn up against the 'hot favourite'. Now, not one to get embroiled in speculation etc. but the 'hot favourite' has actually been tipped to win this competition since it's start waaay back in June. It's been pointed out to me by several leading figures in the SL DJing community that this DJ battle has been rigged from the start and that the 'hot favourite' is destined to win, no matter who he faces in competition and how good they are. Several people have argued with the competition organiser about this and other elements of his organisational skills (or lack thereof) and have had the decisions against them reversed, i.e. they suddenly lost, despite being claimed as winners of rounds etc. Some merely walked out of the competition altogether. The reputation of the organiser (who has had at least one account terminated by LL) is now in shreds within the respectable side of the SL DJ community, of which I'm glad to say I fall in to (apparently I'm very well respected, which is nice). I also have my doubts about the actual validity of the 'hot favourite' and his live mixing skills and I'm convinced that he actually premixed his sets for a German online radio station and then just played them in the competition. They had Dj idents at regular intervals, were completely flawless (suggesting that he was using something like Ableton Live, to construct the sets) and when he faded the last track out halfway through, that was a dead givaway. Good luck to him and the organiser, they'll need it. I'm sure they're splitting the prize money too ;)

I've been accused of being a bad loser and being bitter about this when I voiced my opinions to the organiser, which simply isn't true. I don't mind being beaten, I just prefer it when the playing field is level, even and we're all given the same chance.

Sorry for the rant, anyway, enjoy the music ;)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Say Cheese!!!

Okies, I promised some photos and here they are...

The 'Drift Queen' at her workshop (Underground Resistance, Ride)

Me and my luvverly pink Madza RX-7 (Mmmmm, sexiest car in existence)

My Lamborghini Gallardo (Stick yer Ferraris)

Mercedes S-Class (Because every girl should travel in style sometimes)

My Supra (Fast AND Furious baby, Yeah!!!)

Taking a break from decorating the old beach house...

The campsite at 'SecondFest' earlier this year (not a noob in site!!)

Soaking up the rays and atmosphere at SecondFest 2007 (note, lack of wellies = not a real festival)

My entry for the Dark Eden 'Girl of the Month' in October (next time, I'm taking pics with the guns too...)

I've been meaning to post some of those for ages and have more from SecondFest that might make it onto these pages at some point... I also have a LOT more cars than that, but couldn't be bothered to snap 'em all at the moment... I don't think my CyberAngel look will be enough to get me into October's Dark Eden competition, but we'll see... It's a look I like and it'd make a superb RPG outfit, especially with the firearms holstered to the thighs... Hmmm, definitely another photoshoot coming up and I might ask one of Veyron's friends to go all Photoshop on it afterwards...

Bad Amanda, Bad!!!

I can't help it!!! I see a car I like and I buy it!!! Well, to be accurate, 2 cars.

I made the mistake of going to the MotorCity sim and saw a couple of sculptie cars that actually looked half decent. So, the glitzy, glam, showbiz celeb type girl in me bought a smart looking Mercedes Benz S Class copy, which is very nice indeed, trés opulent etc. and the racer, glam, flashy DJ babe in me bought a pink Lamborghini Gallardo clone... I'm terrible!!!

I think tomorrow will be a monster pic posting session...

Saturday, October 6, 2007

P is for...

Pownce!!! Thanks to the lovely Veyron, I'm now on Pownce too, although I'm too stoopid to work out how to link it from here as a feed at the moment... I've sent a couple of friend requests to Vint n' Zoe (so if you're reading this girls, you know who it is) and I have some invites if anyone out there wants them? Just leave a comment if ya do.

Pontiac projects are up in the air again due to texture issues with the original item, so thumbs are engaged back into 'twiddle' mode at the moment.

At least the jetlag has gone anyway and I'm back in my usual nocturnal mode ;)

I *think* it's the semi-final round of the Battle of the DJs this Sunday, although the competiton has no real relevance any more as it's turned into a total and utter farce. By rights, I should pull out as I've been told enough incriminating stuff about it to make me realise that it's all rigged and that I don't stand a snowball in hells chance of winning, although I've also been told that I really ought to win as I'm apparently a shit hot DJ too... I did a special guest mix at the Purgatory club last night, which I recorded, so I'll be putting a link to that for download soon-ish.

Anyway, not much else happening around these parts... I'm not sure how much of a blow the VAT issue is going to be for Sadie buying the sim, we'll have to do some more investigation and whatnot. Grrrr @ LL etc. :(

Oh and if anyone out there knows how to add the Pownce stuff on Blogger, please let me know... Webby things never were my strong point.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Normal Service Will Resume Shortly...

Apologies for the hooj delays in updating this thing, but last week I wound up jumping on a plane and heading to Sin City for a long weekend and I'm still recovering from landing yesterday... It's true, Vegas is open 25 hours a day :o

Anyway, once I'm back in the swing of all things SL, I'm sure I'll be updating more. DJing tonight, hopefully some cool promo stuff happening soon with Pontiac (I've been banging on about it for weeks now) and also the possibility to get all Sheepish too, but we'll see...

Oh and I'm on Spock too, usual name applies, so if you are too, add me etc. :D