Friday, October 12, 2007

So, There I was...

I'm now going to explain how I just managed to spend L$2500 on a new bike. Trust me, it's a beauty :D

The other night, I was indulging in some retail therapy over at 'Diversity Hair/Digit Darkes' and spotted a few, shorter styles. Usually being a girl with long hair, I thought it'd be cool to have a few shorter styles, as you never know when you'll need them. I purchased a couple and went about my evening. Later that night, I tried them all and wasn't overly impressed with a couple of them, but I must've been tired or something because today when I tried one on again, all I could say was "Wow!!".

This was the "Wow!!" moment. See what I mean? ;)

Anyway, to celebrate the fact that I am a drop dead gorgeous girl who can now also pull off stunning short hair (look, if I don't say this stuff, no one else will), I decided to go for a spin around Motorati Island on my lovely Ducati 999 clone, which naturally is hot pink ;) Anyway, there I was, zooming around on this when I almost literally bumped into another biker, although his ride was a lot more in the vein of the chopper and being a fan of bike companies like West Coast Choppers, Exile Cycles and Jesse Rooke, I stopped to take a closer look.

We started talking about bikes, I openly expressed my admiration for his ride and then dug deeper into his bike to get the manufacturer and before he could even tell me that he couldn't remember where he'd bought it, I was staring at the maker's 'Picks' and had found the shop. I politely made my excuses and 'ported over to buy this baby. She didn't start off pink, but with all the customisable options, thats how she ended up. I was going to build my own custom bike in SL, but I think I'll put those plans on hold for the moment as I'm having too much run riding around on this :D

So, be aware that having short hair can cause impulse buying. Not that I need a flimsy excuse like that to impulse buy ;)

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