Saturday, October 6, 2007

P is for...

Pownce!!! Thanks to the lovely Veyron, I'm now on Pownce too, although I'm too stoopid to work out how to link it from here as a feed at the moment... I've sent a couple of friend requests to Vint n' Zoe (so if you're reading this girls, you know who it is) and I have some invites if anyone out there wants them? Just leave a comment if ya do.

Pontiac projects are up in the air again due to texture issues with the original item, so thumbs are engaged back into 'twiddle' mode at the moment.

At least the jetlag has gone anyway and I'm back in my usual nocturnal mode ;)

I *think* it's the semi-final round of the Battle of the DJs this Sunday, although the competiton has no real relevance any more as it's turned into a total and utter farce. By rights, I should pull out as I've been told enough incriminating stuff about it to make me realise that it's all rigged and that I don't stand a snowball in hells chance of winning, although I've also been told that I really ought to win as I'm apparently a shit hot DJ too... I did a special guest mix at the Purgatory club last night, which I recorded, so I'll be putting a link to that for download soon-ish.

Anyway, not much else happening around these parts... I'm not sure how much of a blow the VAT issue is going to be for Sadie buying the sim, we'll have to do some more investigation and whatnot. Grrrr @ LL etc. :(

Oh and if anyone out there knows how to add the Pownce stuff on Blogger, please let me know... Webby things never were my strong point.

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