Tuesday, October 9, 2007

If Music Is the Food of Love...

...Get Stuffed!!!. This is just a 'lil hour or so Trance mix that I did at the Purgatory club the other night as part of a guest mix slot for Angi Fargis. It's pretty euphoric so if you like your trance, you'll probably like this.

On the subject of mixes etc., I crashed out of the 'Battle of the DJs' competiton being held in SL on Sunday night. I made it as far as the semi finals, but I was drawn up against the 'hot favourite'. Now, not one to get embroiled in speculation etc. but the 'hot favourite' has actually been tipped to win this competition since it's start waaay back in June. It's been pointed out to me by several leading figures in the SL DJing community that this DJ battle has been rigged from the start and that the 'hot favourite' is destined to win, no matter who he faces in competition and how good they are. Several people have argued with the competition organiser about this and other elements of his organisational skills (or lack thereof) and have had the decisions against them reversed, i.e. they suddenly lost, despite being claimed as winners of rounds etc. Some merely walked out of the competition altogether. The reputation of the organiser (who has had at least one account terminated by LL) is now in shreds within the respectable side of the SL DJ community, of which I'm glad to say I fall in to (apparently I'm very well respected, which is nice). I also have my doubts about the actual validity of the 'hot favourite' and his live mixing skills and I'm convinced that he actually premixed his sets for a German online radio station and then just played them in the competition. They had Dj idents at regular intervals, were completely flawless (suggesting that he was using something like Ableton Live, to construct the sets) and when he faded the last track out halfway through, that was a dead givaway. Good luck to him and the organiser, they'll need it. I'm sure they're splitting the prize money too ;)

I've been accused of being a bad loser and being bitter about this when I voiced my opinions to the organiser, which simply isn't true. I don't mind being beaten, I just prefer it when the playing field is level, even and we're all given the same chance.

Sorry for the rant, anyway, enjoy the music ;)


The Diva said...

Thanks for the mix - loading it up now. As for competitions...who needs them? I know you are the best, so that's all you need :)

Amanda Shinji said...

Enjoy the mix... I'll be uploading a longer trance mix soon and will be recording another 'Live @' mix this Thursday at Parkade... Electro this time I think, not too sure yet.