Monday, October 29, 2007

CSI: Observations

So, I managed to acquire a copy of the much hailed 'CSI:NY' episode that aired in the 'States on October 24th, co coincide with the launch of the massive CBS/Electric Sheep 'CSI:SL' project...

Firstly, being a 'CSI' fan but never having seen the Miami or New York variants, I was surprised at the layout, look and feel of the show being so different to that of the original. However, this is not important. How they portrayed SL is interesting though.

As usual for any dramatisation, PC software doesn't actually look like real stuff, probably due to copyright issues etc. So, the portrayal of SL didn't look like that of the system we know and moan about. There were some elements of the proper signup pages etc. in there, but lots of stuff missing, obviously as all the inworld sequences weren't realtime, they were machinma playback... Never having used voice, I can't say if the little green bars were accurate BUT, I am appaled at the way SL was portrayed. They never crashed once, there was NO lag, nothing failed to rez, they never lost anything from their inventory, there were no missing images, grey textures, missing prims, Ruthing or anything!!! Pfft, accurate? ;)

Mind you, nice to see that us SecondLifers came out of it with our Nerdship and Geekdom intact :D

Oh and massive respect n' stuff for the Suffugium sim for getting 4 seconds of exposure in the aired episode during the chase sequence...

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