Friday, February 29, 2008

'Skin' Deep

I was browsing, as one does over at RaC and something caught my eye... They have what look like photorealistic skins as their usual price, so I looked up and down and settled on one...

Personally, I think it looks stunning, but then I would ;)

See what you think :D

Thursday, February 28, 2008

One door closes...

They say that when one door closes, another opens and in this case 'they'* are right. I'm moving on, starting afresh and am feeling much happier within myself because of recent events...

I'm seeing someone. Well, she deserves to be given a name as 'someone' isn't very nice. She's the gorgeous, lovely and adorable Leah and I couldn't be happier at the moment. We've known each other for a LONG time in SL now and she's been there when I've needed her, I've been there when she's needed me and we have no secrets, no dark little areas where surprises lurk, it's simple. I feel very comfortable with her, but then I always have and taking this final step and turning the friendship into a romance is the logical step for both of us... It also happens that Leah is the ex of the person who Sadie is now seeing, so we've managed to swap and everyone seems happier. I know Leah and I certainly are.

I would also like to take a few moments to thank the wonderful Kitty, who has been an absolute rock over the last few days, with emails flying around, inworld chats etc. and she's been just amazing and I want to say that I luv her to bits and could not ask for a better friend in the world than her. Thanks hunni, you're one in a million!!

Other stuff has been happening too... I'm thinking of splashing out and paying for an advertising campaign on during the SLASCAR races, promoting Parkade (and will be speaking to the lovely Codie about filming soon too), plus other things may be happening regarding modelling, but you'll have to wait and see about that one ;)

The bottom line though is that I am a LOT happier about things now, I have some great friends, I'm busy and active within SL, I'm not sitting at my desk at work moping about this, that and the other and most importantly, I have a fantastic girlfriend who I love to bits... Life, is sweet!

* Who are 'they' and why do they always have an opinion on stuff?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The state of the union...

Well, I'm happier. I'm not going into details here, I don't air dirty laundry in public but whilst Sadie and I have split and are not going to get back together, we've had a much needed heart to heart and cleared the air and to be honest, I think it's lifted a huge weight off hers and my shoulders.

It needed to happen, it's happened and theres no animosity, no nastiness, we're still friends, I care a great deal for her and will always be watching out for her and whilst it's changed, I love her, but now as a very dear and close friend.

I know a few people out there have sent me messages of support etc. and thank you. I am much better now, much happier within myself and starting to look to the future. As for my relationships in the future, as usual I'm not looking but if something happens then it happens.

Finally I'd like to say that I'm still very proud that Sadie and I kept things together in SL for over a year. Yes, we had ups and downs, but the SL lesbian community is a rocky place at the best of times and we defied the critics and survived. This is an unfortunate thing, but when people change, sometimes you have to let go and be true to yourself, which is what Sadie is doing. I wish her all the luck in the world for the future and I know that we'll be friends, very good friends for a long time to come.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Just good friends...

I'm sorry to say that Sadie and I have split up. I'm not going into why it happened, it's very personal but it's happened.

I still love her very much and I hope this isn't the end of things, just a temporary thing, but I don't know when or indeed if things will change.

We're still friends, but that is all for the moment.

I am very saddened and low at the moment, for a few reasons, one of them being this.

Monday, February 4, 2008

And the winner is...


I won the Republik Iron DJ Competition!!! Bloody hell, I'm stunned. Apparently I blew the judges away!

Blimey, I'm gobsmacked!!

Need sleep though, gotta be up for work in less than 4 hours!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008


I'm not dead, I've just been very busy and showing no signs of slowing down at the moment as we're knee deep in redevelopment work over on the Motorability Island complex, which WAS Pontiac's Motorati Island, but isn't any more...

Lots and lots of building work n' stuff to be done.

I promise I'll post some new piccies to my Flickr soon too, been snapping various outfits and happenings over the last few weeks and have been meaning to do it for a while now.