Thursday, June 14, 2007

Designing, Modelling, DJing...

Oh it's such a glamourous world... If it's not designing stuff in Photoshop for Callie and Pontiac then it's splaying myself across the bonnet (hood to the Americans) of a Pontiac Solstice GXP for a Motorati photoshoot...

Topping off today, I'll be DJing at Parkade too!

I got the 2 Callie cars finished, submitted and approved which is nice. I'm working on an official Solstice for the 'Parkade' club and maybe for yet another Motorati Island build... It's teaching me a lot about Photoshop, which is helpful as I need as much time on that as I can... Speaking of the Solstice, I'm also working on my own showcase build using Solstice components, which should be a big hit with the powers that be. Fingers crossed :D

Photos from the shoot n' stuff to follow, when I get them :D

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