Sunday, August 26, 2007

Three down...

...Two to go! I can't believe I've done it again, DJing on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and still have today and tomorrow to go. Thursday was my normal stint at Parkade, Friday was the United Spinal 'Rave for a Cause', which wasn't at all successful. 3 people showed, donated a total of about L$2500, so I put in L$2500 of my own cash to bolster the funds... The access system to the parcel didn't work again and then about 90 minutes into the 3 hour set, the flagging stream servers finally turned their toes up and died on me :( Game over!

Last night (Saturday) saw the SLCC Leather & Lace party at Underwater Love on Motorati Island. Pontiac were in the top 3 locations for the Big 8 streaming sites for SLCC, so we expected the party to be massive, which it wasn't. We all had a fun time, but I had to bail at just gone 11pm, an hour before it finished as that translated to 7am UK time and with me only getting 4 hours sleep the night before, I needed to recharge. I did however draw in the first competition and win the second outright for the best lace outfit, which was nice. Thats L$970 heading to United Spinal, so I'll round it up to a grand and pop that in the collection point outside Parkade later.

Today sees me taking it easy with the ambient slot at Parkade and tomorrow I'll kick out some trance over at Suffugium.

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