Monday, March 31, 2008

The weekend...

Blimey, I'm shattered! It's almost 1am here, I'm writing this now and then going to bed!

It's been a weekend and a half. Lots of music, a sim complex launch, red lingerie and more music!

Firstly, adding it all up, I've DJed this weekend for a total of... 11 1/4 hours (approx) on Friday night, Saturday and tonight. Friday was at the sim launch party for MetaStage and then on to Republik for my usual Friday night slot there... Saturday saw me spinning at Parkade as part of the very successful Motorability Island opening celebrations. Callie Cline and Kiana Dulce (plus supporting cast) put on a cool fashion show, then it was over to Fairgrounds Speedway and Dirtfield Raceway for some fun races, then we all headed over to Parkade for some dancing etc. There was a short break and then Bannock Ogg took over the musical baton and played for at least a couple of hours, but at 4am local time, I had to call it a night and sleep ;)

Today saw the rather excellent, hugely popular and sim filling Boudoir Rouge launch party at Codie's 'Code Red Lounge'. I managed to keep going there for about 3 3/4 hours before having to end and then snapping a few piccies of Codie for her compy, just as a giggle... I've just left there and now I really need sleep!!!

It's been a mental weekend, one that has been fun from start to finish and I'd just like to thank the Motorability Crew, Nadine Wilder, Mist, Kitty and of course Codie and the rest of the party animals for a fantastic time...

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