Monday, March 24, 2008

We've got a Code Red!

Yup, Codie is getting ready to launch her Boudoir Rouge series onto the grid and the party is on Sunday 30th March at 11am PDT, with me spinning the tunes for at least 3 hours.

It's a themed party, natch, with the theme of red undies, so grab those red silk boxers, the red satin thongs, the red lade G strings and join us for one of the parties of the year!!! I WILL be DJing in red lingerie, that is a guarantee :D The music will be on the trancey side and IF I can get it done in time, I might d├ębut an original track :D

Anyway, we'd love to see you there and seeing as Codie and I have blogged about it, you can't say you haven't been warned :D

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