Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fashion, Cars n' Avatars

Today is the official 'Grand Opening' of United Spinal Asociation's 'Motorability Island', the vast 7 sim complex that used to belong to Pontiac.

It's been a mammoth task sorting out everything since the handover and we've not finished yet, but we're at the stage where we can step back for a day, open the place officially and then finish off later.

We've got a pretty good day lined up, here's a sort of schedule of events:

9am-10am : Callie Cline & Kiana Dulce Fashion Show
10am-12pm : Demonstration racing at Fairgrounds Speedway
12pm - 2pm : Miss Cyberpink DJing @ Parkade
2pm-6pm : General dancing at the Welcome Centre
6pm-8pm : Bannock Ogg DJing @ Welcome Centre

There will be plenty of places to donate L$, all going to United Spinal and there are freebies dotted around the Island on various builds...

Hope to see you there!

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