Thursday, May 24, 2007

Going into 'Overdrive'

I need my head checking. Honestly, I really do!!!

Firstly, I'm DJing tonight at Parkade, 4-6pm PDT and will be mixing a live set of breaks & drum n' bass. Should be a giggle. I've got a few new tunes to play :)

Secondly, it looks as if the original proposal has fallen flat, it's sort of going political and I'm backing away slowly, but I've submitted plans for something else and I may well be working on another build with a friend too, so I'll be busy busy busy!

I still have to find time for other personal activities, build cars, make jewelry and Sadie & I still have to work on the other land together, but thats earmarked for this weekend. I've also got to sort out some PR stuff to promote Parkade online elsewhere too. It never stops.

It's manic, but I love it :D

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