Thursday, January 3, 2008

Reflections on a year past

It's hard to describe a whole year in a few paragraphs. Lots has happened to me in RL and SL. I'll give it a shot, but I'm more than likely to forget lots of stuff...

I'll deal with RL first. I got a job. That has been the biggest improvement to my life outside SL and the biggest hinderance to my life inside SL, but it was something that needed to happen and the sheer feeling of relief to see money coming back in is overwhelming.

In SL it's been a seriously amazing year... I've done SO much stuff this year and have gone from a true noob to a fully fledged citizen of the Metaverse and even a minor SLebrity! In February, the most important event in my SL existance took place. I married Sadie in a ceremony on the beach at our old house in Sardonyx. It was a hectic day to say the least with a last minute venue change etc. but we overcame and we said our vows, exchanged our rings and were married. I know a lot of people will laugh this off as being trivial and stupid, but to me and Sadie it's very real. We KNOW it's SL, we know it's not RL but it feels real to us and as I for one am really not in a position to want to contemplate a RL romance due to many issues in my past, we're incredibly happy with what we have. To us it's the real thing and thats how we like it. Let the cynics laugh, we're serious about it all.

I also became part of something really quite spectacular in May when I took over the Parkade club on the now closed Motorati Island, a sprawling 7 sim complex owned by Pontiac and managed on a day to day basis by Campfire Media, in New York. Things weren't always plain sailing and smooth. I know I ruffled the occasional feathers with my gung-ho attitude and approach to things, failing to understand why some people should be allowed to seemingly not care about contributing to what was a vibrant and incredible community, especially when they were getting 100% free land and making a nice little profit from their enterprises on the Pontiac sims too. Regardless of all that, I like to think that I gave my heart to the Motorati project and it's closing a few days ago was a hard thing to take, especially pulling apart my club for relocation. However, all things are leading to an even more spectacular project that some of the Motorati residents are undertaking and I will be managing the whole thing, as the right hand of the incredibly cool Patty Streeter.

In other areas of SL, things have also been pretty damned good. I've made some really amazing friends (and met some complete and utter morons) but I know that there are some special names in my flist and I'd really miss 'em if they weren't around. They probably know who they are and if they don't then they should... A few of 'em have blogs that are linked from this page... ;)

So, what does 2008 have in store for me? Well, I'll be celebrating one year of marriage to the gorgeous Sadie, taking charge in a new and exciting multi sim project with Patty and the Motorati refugees, expanding my Parkade Club in it's new home, developing my business interests in SL too, downloading, sampling and composing some awesome music to play to people at Parkade and generally having an amazing time in the Metaverse...

Can't wait ;)


Kitty O'Toole said...

Oooh!! Is it me!? Am I a moron?!
Love to you and Sadie xxxx

Kitty =^..^=

Amanda Shinji said...

Well, now that you mention it... Err, NO!!

You are one of the ones I would miss etc. yadda, blah...