Friday, May 30, 2008

You wait all week...

...and then 2 websites come along at once.

This blog has 2 'sister' sites, in the shape of the Cyberpink Weblog, which is a little space for me to update my mashup and remix creation activities and the other is the Fukmi Clothing blog, which Fukmi and myself are updating to keep everyone abreast of the developments over at the clothing label.

There will be some cross pollination with these 2 sites, and you might find big events are mentioned here as well as on there, because not everyone reads everything.

Oh and BTW, I'm hoping to have more news about Candy Girls, the new 'girls only' club night thats starting up soon, but since we had issues with Fire Island over an inrelated item, we decided to use 3 different venues and rotate them but I've just heard something about one of the locations we're planning on using and at the moment it looks as if we won't be using it, so once the details have been finalised, I shall let you (all) know.

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