Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fiddy in da Hizzle!!!

Well, the 50 Cent event at the Pontiac Garage wasn't as rammed as I thought it might be, but it was still a bit of a giggle. The concert itself was OK-ish, music isn't my kinda thing, plus the backing was way too low in the mix and the rapping way too high. Still, it was free ;)

The live Q&A session after was very interesting though. I love the way a 50 Cent avatar was sat on stage, looking very lifelike, but the real article was on the phone ;) Still, there were some very good questions asked and it was interesting stuff.

I had a small afterparty back at Parkade, where I managed to stay on the decks for nearly 3 hours... TheDiva and Lostmedia, you're troopers!!!

It's not gone 8am and I'm at DJNoNo's place later for a CSS lesson.

I'm frazzled!!!

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