Monday, September 10, 2007

Show the DJ some love...

Well, last night saw me in round 2 of the Battle of the DJs, where I took to the decks to deliver a 45 minute hard dance set... And won! Looks like I might be up against Angi Fargis in the semi finals and as she's a pro DJ in RL, I'm possibly stuffed. Hehe, I only entered the competition as a bit of fun and never expected to get this far anyway.

Things in the design world have been fun too. I'm still labouring on with my own 'baby', the Drift Solstice, plus am making one for Bannock Ogg's 'Renegade Radio', as well as something pretty 'steamy' for the Motorati building competition... Plus, the lovely Vint is helping me with a design for another 'Secret Squirrel' project too. She's a star :D

Hehe, I also found time to create a couple of tees too, I might post piccies later ;)

Ooh and it's the exclusive 50 Cent bash at Motorati tonight. Not a huge fan, but I'll be checking it out anyway ;)

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