Saturday, November 10, 2007

She's Alive!!!

Yeah, I'm not dead... I've been taking some time out from projects to make sure that I spend more time with Sadie, but I'm still working on stuff in the background too.

I'm designing a whole range of fun n' funky 'skins' for the Pontiac Solstice that'll be sold through my Underground Resistance workshop, as well as sorting a few things out for the car magazine too, although I'm still trying to secure some land for an office for the place... We need to house printing presses n' stuff like that.

Tonight also sees the welcome return of BootieSL to Parkade, so I'll be at the club from 7pm PST, cranking out the mashups n' stuff and then staying on for Bootie, for as long as I can stay awake (it does start at 5am UK time). I think we'll have a record crowd this month, if Diva has anything to do with it ;)

Lastly, I decided that I'd change the look of this thing a little, so it has a fresher appearance. My trademark pink is still there, but now it's not so 'in your face', unlike meeee!!!


Julia Roy said...

It was really nice meeting you at the SL Dance Party. Love the blog. Can't wait to connect on twitter and everywhere else we mingle. :)

Amanda Shinji said...

It was nice to meet you too... I'm sure we'll bump into each other more in SL...

Just need Diva to invite me n' Sadie to some posh events, I DO wear dresses sometimes ;)