Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Well, this is a pretty photo heavy entry today, because I wanted to share a couple of things with you all..

Firstly, yesterday was the 1st anniversary of the day that Sadie and I met, all those months ago at the Isle of Lesbos. We went back there to relive the memories and as they were having a 'Back to School' event, we both donned school uniforms and danced for a couple of hours... I thought you might like to see my take on a Japanese schoolgirl look... :D

Secondly, the lovely Veyron bought me a rezday pressie from Chrissa Korvin's 'Devil Made Me Do It' shop. Now, if you've seen Veyron in some of her pix, you'll have seen Charissa's amazing handiwork on display... So, I thought I'd try the outfit on and take some pix for the blog... Once again, I used the basketball courts down in the underworld at Suffugium for the backdrop.

There are more of them on my Flickr page and if you like these, I suggest you check them out as they're just as good...


Veyron Supercharge said...


Lookin' hot! :)

Amanda Shinji said...

In retrospect, I should've worn my cutaway Kayliwulf pink latex catsuit too ;)

Thanks for the pressie hun!! I said I'd stick the pics on my blog ;)