Friday, July 20, 2007

Let the relaxation cease!

Well, just when projects and appointments were winding down, it looks like things are about to get busy again... I've just had another build authorised by Motorati, so I'm going to be putting my third build down on the Island soon, this time it's on the Motorati sim itself, in the shape of 'Autopia', a modern, industrial tower complex with micro-apartments for weekly rent, so a resident can drive in, take the lift (elevator) to their chosen floor and then drive out, INTO their apartment :D Build work is already 90% done and I should be getting the land soon, prepping it and then getting ready to start dropping the building very soon indeed...

Other things that have happened? Well, earlier in the week I was asked to do a couple of modelling shoots for Maxim magazine, which was all very fun and exciting. It's nice to be asked to do these things, especially when I know there are prettier girls out there. I'm going to have to ask someone in America to post me a couple of copies of the magazine when it's released :D Call me vain, I don't care. This sort of thing doesn't happen to me often! On the subject of Maxim, I'm also going to be DJing at a Maxim party in SL next month. More info on that when it's announced. I'm also producing something else for Maxim, but can't start that until I get my hands on some stuff from them ;)

On the subject of Motorati Island, I've been drafted in to help out around there, tackling griefers, clearing the junk etc. and just helping to keep an eye on the place. I spend a lot of my time there anyway, so these added responsibilities are no extra burden at all.

My quest to collect more virtual junk continued this week too, when I added the 'Barricade' avatar to my collection from the Transformers 'Sector 7' sim and then I also raided the 'Silverscreen' sim where they've got a Die Hard 4.0 theme at the moment. Loads of freebies and some VERY cleverly built dioramas too. Notes have been taken :D

Finally (draws breath), I'm DJing with Jungle Vacano this Sunday, so it looks as if I'm going up in the world too, gig wise :D

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